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 “There’s a magic in the way your two guitars and voices interweave. And I’m becoming a bit of a fan” -Brooks Williams

"The Hotel on the Island"

Jazz orchestral version



Our third lockdown duet and another brand new song - Lizzie Brannigan

Have Faith In Me

Egremont. Virtual duet in lockdown!

Sail Away

Women of Steel

I live not where I ove

Heva Heva

The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter

A Song in Every Window


Hotel on the Island


Follow the heron

Down the line

Mirabeau Bridge

Walking on Sunday (with AJ)

Chasing Dreams

River of Mists

Where the acorn falls

The Fyshinge Feaste

Catherine of Aragon

Dancing on the Hoe

Finest Day

The Breton Raid

Lovin' arms

There's a guy works down the chip shop

Maybe We'll Dancee



Where The Acorn Falls

Chasing Dreams


The Docks of Liverpool 2

Father McKenzie

Shadows-on-the-sand -the- sand


Live at Folk on the Moor, 4 March 2019 “I live not where I love” and “Aquitaine”,

with the massed choirs of the Folk on the Moor audience.

 Thanks to Nick Hanbury for the recording.


“The Charter” and “Finest Day”. Recorded live  at Sam Kelly concert

DR0000_0919.mp3 The Hotel On The Island JW.mp3